Sunday, April 5, 2009

MN Comet Invite - Duberry Makes The All Tournament Team

All Comets Invite Tournament team - 17s

Here is the official Comets All tournament team. Coaches had the big vote with myself and the tourney admins kicking in a good say as well.

First Team
Steve Tecker - MN Pump N Run
Carlos Emmory - MN Pump N Run
Vinard Birch - 43 Hoops I
Clay Horne - 43 Hoops I
Taylor Filipek - MN Comets

Second Team
Dajon Newell - MN Fury
Kevin Noreen - MN Pump N Run
Dyami Starks - MN Pump N Run
Jordan Riewer - MN Comets
Jordan Reetz - 43 Hoops I

Third Team
Dominique Dawson - 43 Hoops II
Jasper Duberry - TNL Express
Yuriy Malashenko - MN Fury
Mike Jensen - MN Comets II
Nick Quicksell - Minnesota Heat

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