Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catching Up With The Shooter

I had a chance to sit down with Jordan Reibling last week and talk about the upcoming season.

· Are you looking forward to your senior season? Yes, because all of us seniors have been waiting for this year as our chance to win state.

· I see that your team just went 8-0 in the MBA Fall Ball League and won the championship by knocking off some really tough teams, how was the team able to play so well this early in the year? We were able to play so well this early in the year because we are so pumped and ready for the season.

· Champlin Park like most schools have started their captain practices, are you doing anything else extra to help you get ready for the season? Yes I am. I weight lift and run every day to get strong and more conditioned for the season.

· Champlin Park is traditionally known for its football program, however, this year it could be remembered for its basketball team, what are your thoughts on that? We hope to prove that the Champlin Park basketball program also has the potential to win state.

· Your team this year will have a number of players that played with you in the 7th grade when you won the state tournament, do you feel that gives you an advantage over other teams? Yes. I think it gives us a big advantage because we know each other well and we know how everyone plays.

· I’ve seen and heard that your team will be one of the best teams in the state this year, top ten or maybe even top 5, what do you think about that? We are definitely a top 5 team and will prove it on the court.

· Last year the team had the incredible 3 point shooting Scott Thesein as its “mad bomber” and it looks like you might be that player this year, what else do you think you need to do to help the team this season? I think I need to play great defense and be a team leader.

· This year you have a real good chance to beat your conference rival “Osseo”, what will the team need to do to make that happen? To beat our rival “Osseo” we will have to play good defense and be able to play as a team.

· I hear that you plan on attending Concordia Moorehead next year, why did you pick that school? I chose Concordia Moorehead because I like the size of the school. There basketball program seems very good and I wanted to go to college up north.

· What’s your favorite food? Pizza

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