Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 2 of 2009 Fall Leagues

Week 2 of fall leagues is in the books. The notes

  • MYAS claim "Best and largest pool of certified officials in the state." was totally debunked today. Officials that I saw doing the varsity boys games at Hopkins as a whole, did not compare to the MBA league.
  • Nice to see Duluth East coach Chuck Tolo in the house on Saturday following his kids. With the top programs, you seem to always see the head guys out following their guys.
  • Credit to Aaron Ziman for outplaying Jasper Duberry in Select's loss to Champlin Park.
  • D3 schools and AAU guys at the MBA this weekend (and the coolest guy in the NSIC!). Nice to see the interest.
  • Minnehaha with 12 oz cans of Pepsi this week instead of the usual 1 Liter bottles. The horror. I'm an addict, I have a habit to maintain. When I mentioned this to the concession stand, I got the perfect response. "You can always come back for more". Well said, I got nothing for that one.
  • The stars were out this weekend. I thought last weekend had some big performances, but some very nice performances by known names this weekend.
  • Fun to see a couple of good quality young point guards playing. Kashif Hayes (2013) from St. Louis Park is 1. The other is from the south metro is the younger brother of former DeLaSalle/Hopkins star Jadee Jones.
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NorthWest Suburban said...

Why would you even post a negative article like this?

CP Rebels 2010 said...

Having read a number of things that the Czar has wrote I wouldn't think that he was writing this to be negative towards Jasper but to be positive and giving credit to Aaron for playing well. I guess it could have been worded a little different.